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2018 Apple Rootstock Season

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Northern Spy

A seedling that originated in east Bloomfield in western New York in 1828. At this time it was prized for its excellent and long keeping fruit.

M. 793

Merton 793 (M.793) is a cross between M.2 and Northern Spy, by the John Innes Horticultural institute in Merton, England.

M. 9

Selected as a chance seedling of ‘Jaune de Metz’, in France in the late 1870’s. M.9 was one of the first rootstocks collected by the East Mailing Research Station and given the number ‘9’ which was later replaced by the name Malling 9.

M. 26

A seedling cross between M.16 x M.9 that was raised in 1929. The seedling was introduced by the East Malling research Station in 1959.

M. 106

A cross between Northern Spy x M.1

MM. 102

MM.102 is a cross between Northern Spy x M.1. this was produced by the East Malling Research Station.

M. 111

A cross between Northern Spy and M.793, produced by the John Innes Horticultural Institute


About Us

Charteris Road Nursery began in 2016, taking over Apple Root Stock growing from Eversen Nurseries in Kilsyth, Victoria.
Apple Root Stock are utilised specifically by the orchard and nursery industry. Once purchased they are either budded, grafted or planted for further growth.

Efficiency and control ensure high quality rootstocks are produced. Attention to areas of pest control, soil suitability, irrigation, growth and harvesting are some of the areas continually monitored.

Root Stocks are harvested when dormant during the winter and are available for purchase, pick up or delivery in July each year.

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